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Clean water is essential for homeowners and even for business properties. We want to ensure that the water we use daily is clean, safe, and uncontaminated. To prevent contaminated water from mixing with clean water, residential and commercial properties must install a backflow prevention device. This device prevents contaminated water from flowing back into the clean water supply.

Hence, a faulty plumbing system can cause all kinds of issues for homeowners. Prevent plumbing issues with Sedalia Plumbing Company. Our plumbing company offers comprehensive plumbing solutions that can help you save on repair and utility costs and maintain a healthy environment.

Sedalia Plumbing Company proudly serves all residential and commercial clients near Sedalia, Missouri, and all nearby cities. Our expert plumber will provide you with the most effective solution to your problem to help you enjoy a convenient life and seamless operation, as well as avoid penalties.

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What Is Backflow?

Before we talk about backflow testing, you have to first learn the backflow itself. When you think about your home’s plumbing system, usually, clean water should flow to the property. However, water that flows away from the property, it’s called backflow. 

Backflow is dangerous because it can pollute clean water. Contaminants can find their way into the water, which makes it unsafe for use. 

Backflow is a common issue for fire protection systems because of the mechanism of water sprays all over. 

Hence, you need a backflow preventer to keep the water flowing in one direction. 

Though it’s not enough to install a backflow preventer, you have to test these devices to ensure that they are working properly.

What Is The Importance Of Backflow Testing?

Backflow testing is necessary to ensure that backflow preventers are working properly. Backflow preventers should be tested regularly so that people can rest assured that they will function in case of emergency.

Each backflow preventer must have specific dates marked on them to determine when they need to be tested. Here are some reasons backflow testing is essential:

Health concerns

The main reason backflow testing is carried out is because of health issues. If water travels backward, the dirt from the sewer system can contaminate it.

In a residential setting, it is extremely dangerous since you could end up drinking polluted water, posing risk to your health and family members.

Prevents damages

Backflow preventers prevent buildings from getting damaged. For instance, if the water travels backward, it’s likely to bump the walls and get gross.

This corrosion can lead to more substantial damage over time. If the water continuously hits the same spot, the walls will eventually crumble from the wetness.

Therefore, if you want to keep your buildings intact, have your backflow preventer tested by an expert plumber today.

Environmental concerns

Contaminated water is never good for the environment. If pollutants get back into the water supply, they will re-enter the environment.

Once the contaminated water is allowed back into the sewer system, it will make its way to different bodies of water like oceans and lakes.

Thus, it’s one of the major reasons to get your backflow preventer tested regularly by a Sedalia plumber in your area. 

Community reasons

Backflow preventers help make a healthier community. A community will never be progressive if contaminated water flows around it.

Some community members could get sick from drinking contaminated water or infrastructures may start to fall apart from excessive moisture.

As a result, you should test your backflow preventers regularly before the whole members of the community get sick. Moreover, cities that don’t test their backflow preventers regularly can get government fines and sanctions.

What Are The Signs That Your Backflow Preventer Needs Repair?

Backflow preventers are necessary in keeping the water supplies fresh and clean. Like any other thing in this world, this device is also prone to wear out which can result in plumbing issues.

Hence, here are some of the common issues that are caused by a damaged backflow preventer.

Water leaks

Over time, backflow preventers will wear out, and as a result, they will leak. There are several reasons a leak can happen, but the most common one is an old rubber part that has broken, allowing water to pass through.

You might think that you can fix these rubber parts yourself, but we recommend getting professional help from plumbers who are knowledgeable about these things.

Even if the rubber seal is off by just a tiny hole, it could do a lot of damage to your system and the public water supply. In addition, it’s required by most water authorities that a backflow device should pass the inspection from a certified tester after repairs. 

That’s why only a certified Sedalia plumber must do the repair.

Changes in water pressure

When it comes to backflow devices, changes in the water pressure indicate a sign of malfunction. Usually, it is due to defects in the opening points of valves, which is common if the water quality is bad in your area.

Therefore, the backflow preventer could be clogged with debris or damaged by something, such as a small rock.

Cloudy water

If you notice that your water becomes cloudy, tastes bad, and smells awful, it’s a clear sign that something’s off. Moreover, it could signify that the backflow preventer in your area is no longer working, and the water supply is filled with contaminants.

Another situation could be, your backflow preventer could be working properly, but if your neighbor’s backflow preventer is malfunctioning, they could allow stagnant water, soap, fertilizers, and other contaminants into your public water supply.

Call an authority to report the problem you’re dealing with. It would be better if you hire a plumbing company to get to the bottom of it.

Slow drainage

Slow drainage is another common sign that indicates damage to your backflow preventer. If you notice that your showers, sinks, and other water outlets are slowly draining, there could be a clog or buildup that affects the backflow preventer.

It could also mean that you have a backflow in your water supply, so it’s important to call in a plumber to get to the main root of the problem.

If the problem is in your backflow preventer, you need to hire a plumbing company to repair or replace it.

Why Choose Us

Sedalia Plumbing Company is the go-to plumbing company when it comes to different issues. We provide same-day service and use the latest technology for top-notch service.

Advanced plumbing technology

Sedalia Plumbing Company uses the most advanced equipment when doing installation, repair, and replacement projects. No matter what your plumbing needs are, we ensure to get the job done.

Certified plumber

When you hire us, you will only work with trained and experienced technicians to guarantee your peace of mind. Rest assured you’ll receive accommodating and knowledgeable service when you call us.

Same-day service

We do our best to deliver same-day service to our clients so that you don’t have to wait all day to get the service you need. You can also rely on us for any emergency plumbing situation.

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With Sedalia Plumbing Company, rest assured that your water is safe to use. We understand how important it is to prevent your water from cross-contamination.

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