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Having a faulty water heater is not something that you have to neglect. Aside from taking a cold shower, you can not do some of your daily tasks, such as washing and cleaning the dishes.

Indeed, a reliable water heater is a home necessity for every comfort and convenience. However, if it’s inconsistent, it could affect your daily routine and might raise your monthly utility costs.

Hence, it’s important to call your local Sedalia Plumbing Company whether you need help with installation or repair services. We ensure that the water heater service you need will get done right away.

At Sedalia Company, we offer emergency water heater repair, replacement, and installation services. If you hire a Sedalia plumber, rest assured that our technician underwent in-depth training and is knowledgeable on how to handle several plumbing services.

With our extensive years in the business, Sedalia Plumbing Company is a name you can trust for all your water heater service needs.

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Why Hire Professional Water Heater Repair Services?

Investing in and installing a water heater for your home or business is significant. Therefore, look for a plumbing company that will make it done professionally to make the best of your appliance.

Here are some of the reasons a professional plumber is important:

Saves energy and water bill

If your water heater always needs maintenance and repair, it will have a hard time delivering hot water. Hence, it means that you have to run the water longer, so you can achieve your desired temperature of the water. Since your water heater uses more energy to function optimally, it increases your water bill.

Hiring a professional plumber during the installation process can save you more money in the long run, instead of doing it on your own. It’s because professionally installed water heaters use less energy when heating and deliver hot water faster, saving energy and less water consumption.

Water heater maintenance advice

The best thing about seeking a professional water installation is that you get to ask other plumbing-related questions, such as maintenance and minor troubleshooting.

A professional plumber can share some tips on what to do so that the water heater keeps running effectively. A properly maintained water heater increases its longevity, minimizes wear and tear, and lowers utility costs.

When you hire a Sedalia plumber from Sedalia Plumbing Company, we will provide you with a water heater maintenance package. Therefore, you’ll be informed when to get your annual maintenance service.

Appropriate water configuration

When you seek professional help to install your water heater, you’ll be guaranteed that your water heater thermostat is set to the right temperature. It is necessary to avoid wasting energy by operating your heater outside the ideal temperature range.

It helps prevent any injuries, especially when washing dishes or taking a shower. Moreover, an expert knows what are the right and safe temperature settings for a variety of water heaters. Our technician will ensure that your unit delivers safe and optimal operation.

Consistent in water heating

If your water heater always requires repair, it can hardly deliver your daily demand for warm water. You may also experience inconsistency in water heating, which makes everyday tasks, such as cleaning and bathing difficult.

Hence, if your tank is professionally installed by a plumber, your water heater will work efficiently for a long time and you’ll be less likely to experience major repairs.

Meet safety standards

Most water heaters work at 240-volt power, which can lead to lethal shock if not properly installed.

To ensure that your water heater meets the safety standards of the local government, you should consider hiring a professional plumbing company. At Sedalia Plumbing Company, we are familiar with the local building codes, so rest assured that your heater complies with the safety standards.

Working with unlicensed plumbers or doing it yourself may lead to a violation of the safety codes, leading to fines, and other penalties due to electrical or water problems. Moreover, your insurance claim might get denied, if your installation wasn’t carried out by an expert.

High-quality service

You can always rely on the professional services of a plumbing company to inspect and check for repairs when they arise, which will be unavailable from unqualified or amateur plumbers.

Hiring a Sedalia plumber takes less time and hassle to handle all your water heater issues and other plumbing needs with optimal results. You can also grab the opportunity of their service guarantee in case there’s a problem that occurs after the installation. This way, you don’t have to cover the additional costs of parts or labor issues after the service.


Installing a water heater yourself is tiresome as it takes hours to collect all the materials from the hardware store. Hence, hiring an expert can save you from all these dilemmas. 

Professional plumbers always come prepared, so you don’t have to buy equipment since it will be all covered by the service. They will fix your water heater in a way that will not be damaged easily but will serve you for long period.

Moreover, they will give some tips on how to maximize energy use efficiently and prevent it from wear and tear.

Our Services

As your water heater ages, it may need occasional water heater repairs and maintenance for eventual replacement. Well, we offer all these kinds of services at Sedalia Plumbing Company.

Water heater repair

If you notice that your hot water isn’t as hot as before or there’s discoloration from the hot water tap, it could be the perfect time to get your water heater inspected. Over time, water heaters often experience sediment build-up that can damage the tank and cause leakage.

If you spot rust in your tank’s water, call Sedalia Plumbing Company right away. These particles signify the anode rod needs to be replaced, and our experts know how to do it properly.

Water heater installation

The new water heater installation is relatively simple. Take the old one and replace it with a newer model. Nowadays, there are plenty of options available, many of which can save energy, at the same time lower water bills.

Generally, when it comes to water heater replacement, you’ll have a choice between gas, electric, tankless, and solar-powered water heaters.

Water heater maintenance

Your water heater works hard every day to supply you with hot water for dishwashing, laundry, and bathing. If you want it to last as long as possible, make sure you know how it works and conduct regular maintenance. 

If your water heater is not working consistently, perhaps it just needs a bit of tune-up, which happens to be one of our specialties at Sedalia Plumbing Company.

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At Sedalia Plumbing Company, we provide top-quality work for electric, gas, and different types of heaters of all sizes. With our upfront pricing policy, you will feel comfortable, knowing that there are no hidden charges during the service.

We are the #1 trusted plumbing company in Sedalia, Missouri, and other nearby cities. Call Sedalia Plumbing Company today at 660-235-9942 or visit us at info@sedaliaplumbingcompany.com to know more about water heater services in your area.

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