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If you’re hearing rubbing sounds in your pipes inside your home and noticed a reduction in water pressure, it means that you have to replace your water lines. As pipes age, they are more vulnerable to different things such as the build-up of minerals, movement of the ground, and the effects of freezing and thawing.

A damaged water line can cause anything from discolored water to decreased water pressure. While these may not be alarming signs, leaving them unattended can lead to emergency replacement.

At Sedalia Plumbing Company, we offer reliable water service line installation and replacement services to get your water line working in its best condition again. Our plumbing company is composed of plumbers who are skilled and experienced to help you fix any plumbing issues right away. We value your time and we guarantee that our plumbers will arrive on the scheduled appointments or even in case of emergencies.

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What Are The Signs That My Water Line Needs Replacement?

It is essential to make sure that your water lines are properly maintained. Doing so allows you to get sufficient water in your home and prevent contamination. 

Listed below are some signs that your water lines need to be replaced.

Soggy spots or puddles in the yard

Since your water line is buried underground and passed through your yard, any break can cause leakage, making water seep into the soil. When this happens, it will leave soggy spots on your lawn, creating some undesirable effects. 

Having soggy or pooled puddles in the yard can make spawning pools for mosquitoes where they can start breeding. It can also drown plants and grass, leaving your yard unattractive. 

Moreover, the stock water can damage the foundation as it increases the humidity levels in your house. Excessive humidity can create the right conditions for the formation of mold in the house.

A musty smell from your tap

If you notice that your water has a strong musty smell, it’s a sign that the pipes are old and need replacement. The water that comes from your tap smells like mold or mildew.

This odor could be due to sulfur gas that’s released through corroded piping into drinking water. It eventually travels through the old plumbing system to reach the faucets or any tap fixtures.

Recurring plumbing issues

Experiencing recurring plumbing issues, such as clogged pipes could indicate that it’s time to replace your old water pipes. Doing so could save you some money from incurring repair costs.

Unexplained noises from the plumbing system

If you notice unexplained noises that come from your plumbing system, it could mean that you have to replace your old water pipes. 

The noise is usually due to vibrations created when water runs through rusty and corroded metal pipe joints. Eventually, these vibrations can cause a leak in the pipes and make costly repairs.

Water discoloration

As your water line age, it gets old and become rusted. When it happens, it will introduce rust into the water, causing discoloration and affecting the quality of the water. Having a broken water line can cause discoloration and it will be present in all your water faucets and sinks. 

Decrease in water pressure

If you’ve noticed that you have lower water pressure than normal, it could only mean that your water line is leaking and needs to be replaced. Not only in a single outlet, but you will most likely see this effect on all your water outlets. Call a trained Sedalia plumber to help you determine the leakage and fix it.

Hike in water bills

If you notice an unexplainable increase in your water bill, there could be a problem with the water line. If left unchecked, this could greatly affect the financial cost to you. An expert can check the problem right away and provide an effective solution.

Why You Should Regularly Inspect Your Water Lines?

Regular water line maintenance is necessary because it helps ensure a continuous water supply and prevents pipes from bursting, which saves you money on the repair.

Having clean water is vital for every home; therefore, you have to ensure that there’s a consistent flow in your home. Most homeowners regularly inspect their water lines to cut down on repair costs, but in the long run, it would be more costly if you don’t get professional plumbing services.

Here are some of the importance of getting water line maintenance:

Identify potential water line problems

When you hire a plumbing company to check on your water lines, they will use their advanced tools and machinery to determine if any potential problems could happen in the future. If there’s any, they will look for ways to prevent it. The plumber will advise you on what to do and whether it can still be fixed or need replacement.

Prevent water-borne diseases

When the water pipe bursts, the water will come in contact with sewage and other contaminants. It could lead to different water-borne diseases, such as cholera and other serious ailments. If you haven’t done repairs, maintenance, and replacements in your water line systems, they may get cracks, paving the way for bacteria to enter the water lines.

To prevent water-related diseases, you have to make sure that your water line pipes are functioning properly, and that there’s no room for contaminants to get into your water system. There are times that you will find the water coming from your water lines is not as clean as you think, and this might be due to the dirt that comes from broken water lines.

Reduce water consumption

If you have a broken water line and busted pipes, it may take you a while before you realize it, not until you see unexpectedly increased water bills. If you notice that your water bill is higher than your normal bill, contact Sedalia Plumbing Company to inspect your water line and find out if there are burst pipes and cracks.

Saves time and money

When you get water lines repaired timely, it can help you save costs on bigger problems later on. Hiring a plumber who is an expert can take some less time checking on water lines and ensuring that they are functioning properly.

Meanwhile, repairing the entire water line system can take several days, which can leave you without water for days. So, before anything gets serious, hire a Sedalia plumber to inspect your water pipes.

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At Sedalia Plumbing Company, we take pride in giving high-quality plumbing services. We also offer emergency services to our customers to guarantee that all repairs, replacements, and installations are carried you properly. 

All of our services are rated fairly and competitively, and we never charge for overtime. You can trust our licensed plumbing experts to address all your water line issues and other plumbing needs, such as sewer repair, water heater installation, drain service, and many more.

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